I am a Cornell Engineering student (‘22) studying Operations Research and Computer Science. In Summer 2021, I was a Data Science Intern on Uber’s Matching and Shared Rides team where I developed and implemented an algorithm for pre-scheduled rides. Prior to that, I developed materials for the forthcoming book, Data Science and Decision Making: An Elementary Introduction to Modeling and Optimization. In August 2020, I took a break from that work to aid Cornell in providing in person instruction under the restrictions of COVID-19. My contributions included re-optimizing course schedules and formulating a mathematical model to schedule and assign rooms for exams. You can read more about the effort in this short article.

My broad research interests lie in studying applied combinatorial optimization problems with computational components. My coursework has focused on the topics of discrete optimization and algorithms. I also enjoy studying how these topics can be used in imagemaking.

Outside of my studies, I am a co-captain of the Cornell Men’s Squash Team and an Umphreak looking forward to the next show.