Henry Robbins
channel (2021)
Netpbm (P3)
source code

This work was generated using code adapted from Dan Torop. His script separates pixels of a P3 Netpbm image into the three color channels allowing each color channel to be modified independently. I further generalized this script by allowing for an anonymous function to be passed for each channel. The current pieces explore the application of the sin, ceiling, and triangle wave functions.

math_channel_1-x_1-x_1-x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_1-x_x_x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_abs(sin(x*10))_x_abs(sin(x*10+10)).ppm (2021)
math_channel_abs(sin(x*10))_x_x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_abs(sin(x*5))_x_x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_ceil(x*5)_over_5_x_x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_triangle_1.0_0.4_x_x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_x_abs(sin(x*5))_x.ppm (2021)
math_channel_x_x_abs(sin(x*10)).ppm (2021)
math_channel_x_x_triangle_1.0_0.4.ppm (2021)