Henry Robbins
clip (2021)
Netpbm (P2)
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The image creek (2021-03-21) was used with permission from the artist: River Chavez.

This work was inspired by the partition series in which images were partitioned by gradients in the image. This work continues with that idea and “clips” out all but a select few gradients in the image. This technique exposes minimal representations of the figures which lie in the selected range of gradients.

beebe_trail_clip_0_0.pgm (2021)
buildings_night_clip_2_3.pgm (2021)
creek_clip_0_0.pgm (2021)
laundry_clip_0_1.pgm (2021)
porch_clip_4_8.pgm (2021)
road_day_clip_0_0.pgm (2021)
tree_light_clip_1_2.pgm (2021)
wall_light_clip_5_6.pgm (2021)