Henry Robbins
composite (2021)
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Like the weierstrass series, this work explores the result of substituting carefully chosen parameters in image transformation algorithms with unbased choices. Here, arbitrary functions are used in the compositing of both the color and alpha (opacity) components of an image. This is referred to as alpha compositing.

Exhibit: decluttering, exaptation (2022)
erosion_peeling_clip_composite.png (2021)
peeling_erosion_clip_composite.png (2021)
road_2_road_sunset_clip_composite.png (2021)
road_2_road_sunset_composite.png (2021)
road_sunset_taughannock_1_clip_composite.png (2021)
taughannock_1_peeling_clip_composite.png (2021)
taughannock_1_road_sunset_normalize_composite.png (2021)