Henry Robbins
dissolve (2021)
Netpbm (P2)
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This series contains two groups of images: those that were hand-crafted and those that were created by a script. dissolve.pgm, dissolve2.pgm, and dissolve3.pgm were hand-crafted (2021-02-26). The beebe_trail subseries is generated via a script (2021-03-02). Both are based on the same principle: dissolving a vector of pixels. A plan was chosen to iteratively update a vector of pixels converging to a vector of black pixels. This plan was inspired by the rule for toppling sandpiles.

The three hand-crafted images begin with different lengths of a random vector. The columns from the left to the right of the image show how the vector is updated until it dissolves completely.

For the beebe_trail subseries, this same plan was implemented programmatically. A vector (some row in the case of ‘h’ and column in the case of ‘w’) at location i is chosen from the image to dissolve. In some images, consecutive dissolves are applied. For example, beebe_trail_h60v47 is achieved by first dissolving down from row 60 and then dissolving to the left from column 47.

beebe_trail_h100.pgm (2021)
beebe_trail_h140.pgm (2021)
beebe_trail_h60v47.pgm (2021)
beebe_trail_h70.pgm (2021)
beebe_trail_h71v251.pgm (2021)
beebe_trail_v80.pgm (2021)
dissolve.pgm (2021)
dissolve2.pgm (2021)
dissolve3.pgm (2021)