Henry Robbins
drunk_walk (2021)
Netpbm (P2)
source code

In mathematics, the Drunkard’s walk most often refers to a point in the euclidean plane iteratively moving in a random cardinal direction. This work is generated via a Drunkard’s walk. In each image, the grid depicts 9 different walks of the same length. Whenever the “drunk” visits a pixel, that pixel is “eroded” by the pixel becoming whiter.

1024_step_drunk_walk.pgm (2021)
16_step_drunk_walk.pgm (2021)
256_step_drunk_walk.pgm (2021)
4096_step_drunk_walk.pgm (2021)
4_step_drunk_walk.pgm (2021)
64_step_drunk_walk.pgm (2021)