Henry Robbins
memory (2022)
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A programming language specification describes the syntax and semantics of a programming language. In some instances, the values of a term may be unspecified. In C, the value of an uninitialized variable is unspecified. In some cases, the value will be the “contents of [the] memory… [occupying] those addresses.” A C program was used to generate 32,768 uninitialized bytes. The program was compiled with Apple clang 12.0.5 on a MacBookPro (2018) running macOS 11.4.0. These uninitialized bytes were then interpreted as grayscale image data and layed atop other images.

Exhibit: decluttering, exaptation (2022)
fence_glitched_memory_101.png (2022)
fence_glitched_memory_110.png (2022)
fence_house_memory_110.png (2022)
lost_cat_memory_100.png (2022)
lost_cat_memory_101.png (2022)
lost_cat_memory_110.png (2022)
street_light_1_memory_010.png (2022)
street_light_1_memory_100.png (2022)
street_light_2_memory_110.png (2022)