Henry Robbins and Ella Clemons
mod (2021)
Netpbm (P2) and MPEG-4
source code

The images sky (2021-02-24), faces (2021-03-07), and stomp (2021-03-07) were photographed by Ella Clemons.

This work focuses on a particular image transformation technique: taking the mod of an image. Here, “taking an image mod k” refers to taking the value of every pixel mod k to create the transformed image. In addition to stills, this work also includes an animation consisting of the image mod k for k in [1..150].

Exhibit: AMO ZINE Issue II (2021)
beebe_trail_mod_8.pgm (2021)
faces_mod_12.pgm (2021)
road_day_mod_8.pgm (2021)
sky_mod_8.pgm (2021)
stomp_mod_25.pgm (2021)
water_cup_mod_7.pgm (2021)
faces_mod_animation.mp4 (2021)
water_cup_mod_animation.mp4 (2021)