Henry Robbins and River Chavez
partition (2021)
Netpbm (P2)
source code

The images waterfall (2021-03-20), risley (2021-03-21), creek (2021-03-21), fallen_tree (2021-03-21), old_man (2021-03-21), wading (2021-03-21), and island (2021-03-21) were photographed by River Chavez.

The image sky (2021-02-24) was used with permission from the artist: Ella Clemons.

In bringing digital images to life, photographer Richard Benson “partitioned” the image allowing for finer control on independent parts of the image. This image transformation technique is based on this idea. Each column corresponds to a different gradient in the image. The first two rows highlight pixels of the corresponding gradient in white and black respectively. The next two rows highlight the pixels and background in the color of the corresponding gradient.

Exhibit: decluttering, exaptation (2022)
beebe_day_partition_8.pgm (2021)
creek_partition_8.pgm (2021)
fallen_tree_partition_8.pgm (2021)
island_partition_8.pgm (2021)
old_man_partition_8.pgm (2021)
risley_partition_8.pgm (2021)
road_day_partition_8.pgm (2021)
sky_partition_8.pgm (2021)
tree_partition_8.pgm (2021)
wading_partition_8.pgm (2021)
waterfall_partition_8.pgm (2021)