Henry Robbins
weierstrass (2021)
PNG and MPEG-4
source code

In image rescaling, filters are carefully chosen to result in “good” rescaled representations of an image. This work explores what happens when you lift that constraint. An approximation of the Weierstrass function was used as a weighting function for a custom filter with a large support. The properties of the Weierstrass function result in the near total obfuscation of the source image. The exceedingly complex and seemingly random results are, in fact, completely deterministic.

Exhibit: decluttering, exaptation (2022)
circuit_1_weierstrass_20.png (2021)
circuit_2_weierstrass_20.png (2021)
circuit_3_weierstrass_20.png (2021)
sunset_weierstrass_10.png (2021)
sunset_weierstrass_20.png (2021)